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Boho Dress Collection

Each piece is a testament to the free-spirited elegance that defines boho style. From ethereal maxi dresses adorned with intricate patterns to effortlessly chic mini dresses that echo the vibrancy of bohemian culture, our selection promises something for every fashion-forward soul. Our bohemian dresses are crafted with eco-friendly materials, offering both sustainable fashion and timeless beauty. Perfect for festival goers, beach lovers, and those who cherish unique, artisanal flair. Experience the magic of boho fashion and let your spirit soar with every wear.

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Boho Bag Collection

Discover our handpicked collection of Boho Style accessories, designed to complement the free-spirited Bohemian lifestyle. From the sandy shores to urban adventures, our range includes the versatile Beach Bag, the timeless Leather Bag, and the chic Wicker Purse, each showcasing Artisanal Craftsmanship. Dive into the ease and elegance of our Boho-inspired Bucket Bag and Backpack selections, perfect for those on-the-go moments or serene escapes. Embrace the essence of Bohemian elegance with pieces that promise more than just style but a story woven into every thread.

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Hair Accessories

Free-spirited and fashion-forward, our selection includes versatile yoga headbands, perfect for both active and leisurely pursuits, and add a touch of vintage charm to your look with our scrunchies, available in various patterns and textures. Our hair clips offer a minimalist yet decorative flair, ideal for any occasion. Not to be missed, the vintage banana clip, a retro favorite, makes a stylish comeback, allowing for sleek ponytails or voluminous updos with ease. Step into our bohemian world and elevate your hair game with accessories that reflect your unique, artistic spirit.

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Boho Chic Tops & Shirts

Discover our enchanting collection of bohemian and boho-inspired shirts and tops, where each piece tells a story of freedom, art, and adventure. Our meticulously curated selection includes everything from the relaxed elegance of bohemian shirts and tops, to the effortless chic of boho blouses. Dive into the diversity of our collection with boho halter tops that blend comfort with allure, perfect for those who cherish individuality and expressiveness. Each boho and bohemian top in our assortment is crafted to bring a touch of the unconventional to your wardrobe, embodying the spirit of wanderlust and the beauty of intricate details. Welcome to a world where fashion is not just worn, but lived.

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Beach and Swimwear

From the vibrant hues of our boho swimsuits and bikinis to the luxurious touch of Turkish cotton towels, every piece invites you to celebrate the freedom and artistic spirit of summer. Dive into beautiful prints, chic designs, and the ultimate blend of style and comfort tailored for your sunniest adventures. This collection isn't just about embracing the beach lifestyle; it's about making it your own in the most stylish way possible.

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Boho Style Jewelry Collection

From captivating bohemian necklaces and elegant boho bracelets to playful anklets, each piece is a celebration of boho fashion and the free spirit. Embrace the beauty of handcrafted artistry and let these treasures add a touch of whimsy to your style. Dive into a world where fashion meets freedom.

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Welcome to Pete and Moss

We are thrilled to share our personally curated collection of clothing, inspired by bohemian fashion and casual boho style with a functional flair. Ranging from classy and sophisticated to chic and adventurous, our constantly evolving selection caters to both women and men. We believe the bohemian spirit transcends fashion, embodying a lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Our collection showcases dresses featuring intricate patterns, prints, and materials that capture the essence of the boho style. Our range includes elegant maxi dresses that epitomize chic, airy midi dresses perfect for date nights or beach bonfires, and stunning mini dresses that provide a timeless fashion statement. Additionally, we carefully select craft jewelry, hair accessories, charming anklets, and bracelets, most of which are handmade.

Our stylish clothing blends authentic old-world charm with classically styled accessories or pairs with sophisticated athletic and outdoor gear, creating a distinctive style. Our products reflect our team's diverse fashion sense and shared passion for travel and adventure, influencing our collection's semi-formal and dressy casual bohemian style for women and the upscale, practical men's attire reminiscent of heritage or traditional style with an emphasis on outdoor practicality.

At Pete and Moss, we seek clothing, accessories, athletic wear, adventure gear, and travel bags that resonate with our aesthetic. Our products are designed to inspire adventure, from international travel to beach days. We're not just selling clothing; we're promoting a lifestyle of freedom, exploration, and appreciation for the world's beauty.

Our athletic and beachwear are influenced by classic surf culture and holistic wellness, including functional fitness and nutrition. We aim to enhance your active lifestyle with casual athleisure-style clothing suitable for daily wear and quality, affordable cold-weather gear that is both stylish and functional.

We prioritize products made from sustainably sourced natural fibers, ethically harvested leather, and traditional materials blended with modern synthetics. Pete and Moss values traditional craftsmanship and the authentic look and feel of handmade items, along with the functionality of modern material enhancements.

Our collection features dresses with intricate patterns, prints, or materials that embody the free-spirited vibe central to boho style. From elegant maxi dresses that define chic style, to airy midi dresses ideal for the perfect date night or a bonfire on the beach; from stunning mini dresses that offer unforgettable classic fashion, we are always on the lookout for new boho fashion inspirations. We select craft jewelry, simple fashion accessories for hair styling, charming anklets, and bracelets most of which are handmade.

Stylish clothing that combines authentic old-world charm with classically styled accessories, or pairs with sophisticated athletic and outdoor gear, creates a unique style that distinguishes you from the everyday. We select products we use ourselves, matching our diverse fashion sense. Our team shares a love for travel and a wide range of interests, all united by wanderlust. This mix of inspirations is shown in our collection's semi-formal and dressy casual bohemian style for women's clothing and the upscale, yet practical, style of men's attire, akin to heritage or traditional style with a focus on outdoor practicality.

At Pete and Moss, we strive to find clothing, accessories, athletic wear, adventure gear, light travel/work bags, backpacks, and luggage that embody the look and feel we adore. From international travel to national road trips, from backpacking in the mountains to spending a day on a sun-drenched beach catching the waves, we love the adventure our products inspire. At Pete and Moss, we are not just selling clothing; we are promoting a lifestyle that values freedom, exploration, and a deep appreciation for the world's beauty.

Our athletic and beachwear offerings are influenced by classic surf culture and the mindfulness of whole-body health found in functional fitness training and holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices. We aim to support your active outdoor lifestyle, always seeking new and improved products. From rash guards, bikinis, chic one-piece suites, and board shorts to yoga-inspired leggings and athletic workout attire, we offer casual athleisure-style clothing that fits into daily life. For the more adventurous soles, we are seeking out quality, affordable cold-weather adventure gear that is stylish and functional.

What materials do we prefer for our products? Where possible, we opt for products made from thoughtfully sourced natural fibers, ethically harvested natural leather, and traditional materials blended with modern synthetic fabrics. Pete and Moss prize traditional craftsmanship and authentic hand-made look and feel, as well as the functionality that is achieved when modern materials enhance traditional styles.