Pete and Moss

Discover the future of Bohemian style essentials with Pete and Moss, your premier source for innovative Boho lifestyle products. We're dedicated to providing high-quality Boho-style activewear, hair accessories, casual clothing, and beachwear that cater to the modern adventurer. Whether you're looking for that perfect Bohemian-style hair tie, Boho-chic athletic wear, or vintage-inspired casual apparel, our curated collection is here to enhance your active lifestyle and professional life.

At Pete and Moss, we are showcasing products that embody Bohemian style as well as items that that the modern outdoor enthusiast would be using. We value self-expression, creativity, and authenticity, sharing a keen interest in arts, culture, and travel, often drawing inspiration from various global traditions and lifestyles. Sustainability and ethical production are paramount to us, and our team is always seeking to make environmentally conscious and socially responsible fashion choices.

Explore our collection today and see what Pete and Moss is doing. We have been patrons of most major sources of the product styles and types we seek out. Our goal is to bring you a uniquely Bohemian experience with products that we have searched out, studied the reviews for, and sourced at a fair price.

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