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Beach Coverup Bikini Kimono.

Beach Coverup Bikini Kimono.

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Embrace the essence of beach elegance with our Beach Coverup Bikini Kimono, a must-have for any sun-soaked outing. Available in two muted, soft color patterns adorned with large floral prints, this sheer polyester kimono offers a delicate, barely-there feel while providing just the right amount of coverage. Designed to grace your figure just above the knee, it's the perfect overlay for your swimwear, ensuring you look as breezy as the ocean air.

"I absolutely adore this Beach Coverup! It's my go-to for pool parties and beach days. The sandy color pattern is so versatile, I often pair it with casual outfits even when I'm miles from the sand. It's lightweight, chic, and adds a touch of sophistication to any look." Moss.

One size
Made from sheer polyester.
Size and color options may slightly vary.
Thoughtfully sourced from China (like most quality products.)
Made by Beachstyle.

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