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pete and moss

Hawaiian Flower Hair Clip

Hawaiian Flower Hair Clip

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Imagine a beautiful scene where you are adorned with the essence of tropical paradise through Hawaiian Plumeria Flower Hair Clips. These clips aren't just accessories; they're your passport to embodying the island spirit, each meticulously designed to either whisper subtlety or shout vibrancy. With two sizes available, the choice is yours. Opt for the delicate 1-½ inch for a subtle pop of color, perfect for a day when you're feeling breezy and effortless. Or, when the occasion calls for it, choose the bold 3-inch size to make a vibrant statement, turning heads and painting your presence with the broad strokes of tropical allure.
"I use the small flower clip to add a splash of color, it is the perfect addition to any summer outfit! The colors are so vibrant, and they stay in your hair throughout the day. It’s fun to pair the 3-inch clip with a few of the smaller ones to create a flower bouquet look. Not only does it look stunning in my updo, but it also holds my hair perfectly in place. These clips are incredibly versatile and durable, making them a fantastic accessory for any occasion. I've received so many compliments and have recommended them to all my friends. A true tropical treasure!" Moss.


Precautions for ordering. These delicate accessories are susceptible to damage if not treated properly. To ensure their longevity and maintain their beauty, avoid stepping on them or handling them roughly. With gentle care, these hair clips will continue to be a cherished part of your accessory collection.

(US) Size in inches.

Small. 4cm. 1.57 Inches.

Large. 8cm. 3.14 Inches.

Made from acrylic plastic.

Size and color options may slightly vary.

Model Number API A20-SP014

Thoughtfully sourced from China (like most quality products.)

Made by Four Seasons.

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