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pete and moss

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

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Embark on a journey of well-being with these copper bracelets, where style converges with the potential for positive effects on your vitality. Copper, acknowledged as an essential mineral, is believed to offer increased energy levels when worn. Some enthusiasts suggest that copper bracelets may provide relief for aches and pains in stiff joints. Beyond its potential physical benefits, copper is also known to support healthy nerve function and iron absorption, potentially contributing to improved blood circulation. In addition to the inherent qualities of copper, these bracelets seamlessly integrate magnets for healing. Renowned for their potential healing properties, magnets add another layer to the holistic approach, and the combination of copper and magnets invites you to explore diverse dimensions of well-being, both physically and spiritually. Elevate your style while embracing the potential for a positive impact on your overall health with these unique and purposeful jewelry pieces.

"As someone who has experienced the journey of recovery from injuries, I can't express enough gratitude for copper bracelets. From the moment I started wearing one, I sensed a positive shift in my overall well-being. I believe that copper's capacity to increase energy levels seemed to resonate with my recovery process, offering a subtle but noticeable boost throughout the day. Beyond the physical benefits, I credit the combination of copper and magnets for contributing to my healing journey. The holistic approach embedded in these bracelets created a synergistic effect, providing comfort not just to my body but also fostering a sense of well-being in my spirit." Pete.


Size 7 inches.

Made from 99.99% pure copper and natural magnets.

Model Number UPI Magnetic Bracelet B1160

Thoughtfully sourced from China (like most quality items.)

Sourced from Mlmate.

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