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Rattan Bag with Shoulder Strap

Rattan Bag with Shoulder Strap

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Discover the essence of Bohemian elegance with our Rattan Bag Collection, featuring four distinct styles: cube, round with squared corners, and two rounded variations in solid wicker and vented design. Each bag, sized perfectly for chic everyday use, boasts a comfortable leather shoulder strap and secure snap button closure, blending functionality with timeless style.

"I absolutely adore these rattan bags for my summer adventures! Whether it's a date or errands, their handwoven charm and chic leather straps add a perfect travel vibe. The square one even doubles as a stylish messenger bag. A must-have!" - Moss.


Considerations before purchase: The inner canvas lining typically comes in a natural tan shade, though sometimes it is crafted in black. Since these bags are handcrafted from natural materials, each one is unique.

Size in inches.

A) Round with rounded edge, and solid shell. Diameter 7. Thick 3.

B) Cube solid. Across 7-1/2. Wide 5-1/4. Tall 2-1/2.

C) Round with Squared edge. Diameter 7-1/2. Wide 5-1/4. Tall 3-1/4.

D: Round vented with a rounded edge. Diameter 7. Thick 3.

Made from Palm Rattan Straw with Canvas interior liner.

Size and color options may slightly vary.

Model Number UPI

Thoughtfully sourced from China (like most quality products.)

Made by Sanwood.

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